Our Objectives
  • To create an atmosphere in the school and provide facilities and infrastructure for the holistic development of the students and teachers.
  • To provide students opportunities to learn about all religions, culture, art and music to promote pluralistic spirituality.
  • To assist the students to develop moral values and principles and to become persons of character and integrity.
  • To inculcate the values of compassion and love among the teachers and students towards the poor.
  • To organize training programmes for the students to be enlightened leaders with lasting vision and values.
  • To encourage, to promote and to nurture the potential of all children by providing the conducive environment for their integral development.
  • To educate the children in reference to global warming and respect for nature and its environment.
  • To train the staff to be persons with character and competence to educate the students by example.
  • To promote freedom of expression, sharing and caring with due respect and dignity and love for one another.
  • To teach students to make the right choices in life through formal/ informal education.
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